Re: ANOTHER overpriced "Joan Collins"

Craig Blankenship

Holy cow !

On Jun 17, 2019, at 4:58 PM, robfrankel <rob@...> wrote:


You thought that US$6,000 was too much for a legitimate P/P of Joan Collins?  Well, there's a legit collectible, seemingly in its original frame, that is listed on EBay for -- get ready -- $US12,000.  It's 84/150.

This time, I thought the price was so ridiculous that I couldn't resist contacting the seller to educate her about the market. At first, she was incredibly snippy, but over the course of our exchange, she seemed to understand I was just trying to help.

Like her Lorraine, I expect the price on this one will  be adjusted accordingly.

Rob Frankel


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