Re: Joan Collins Printer's Proof

Heather Arender

Wow!! $6000 is very high! They are going up in prices but not near that. And  Joan always sells cheaper than the others from my eaperience.

On Jun 13, 2019, at 5:22 PM, robfrankel <rob@...> wrote:

The Joan Collins serigraph has always gotten short shrift from collectors, but as I mention in the book, I suspect that won't last long. Still, a P/P hardly merits an asking price of US$6,000.  There's a Kristen on Ebay for US$4,000 and (assuming it's real) a Gray Lady going for US$8,000, both of which are held in higher regard than Joan Collins.

I'd expect a more reasonable price to be in the $US1,200 to $US1,800 range at this point.

Rob Frankel

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