Watch those listings!



Just a quick note, adding to past notices, to alert you to one nasty effect of the scarcity of collectible Nagel serigraphs out there:

As we see prices rise and supply diminish for lifetime, signed, numbered serigraphs (collectibles), we're also seeing an uptick in less than collectible pieces.  Most of the listing of collectibles have some kind of damage, including creases, water stains, fading and yellowing.  Relying on "matting" to hide these defects is a common claim, but a specious one that destroys any value you think is there. If you're going to plunk down money, make sure you buy best of breed.

Also, we're seeing a lot of deceptive descriptions in the listings, mainly by sellers who have no idea what they're selling. Lots of claims like "original," "rare" and such are anything but.

Finally, most sellers don't seem to understand that SIS pieces are not nearly as valuable as true collectibles, so watch out for fakes. Always make sure you see BOTH the number and the signature in pencil before you bid or buy. A lot of the time, the seller will post a shot of the SIS signature, not realizing it's a printed sig -- and that's giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Be careful out there!

Rob Frankel

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