Interesting comment from a Nagel art dealer



Saw this in another group and though you might find it interesting:

Hey guys, I just wanted to post something and let you all know prices on hand signed and numbered serigraphs Patrick Nagel are going up. I am seeing them go from anywhere from $1200-$2000. I think the more Patrick is in the news and auctions, the more demand there is. Simple economics actually... supply vs demand. 

Yes, I work for an art website but I never come here for business. (Yes buyers pay a markup, typically 20-25%) It started as research and I found myself intrigued. I always did like Patrick’s work but never consider buying. Now I am proud to say I’m a collector of Patrick Nagel. I will say that I do my best to make sure that what is sold where I work is hand signed and numbered from the edition of 250 or artist proof. Granted we do have some of the posters listed for sale and I make sure that people understand before they purchase what they are purchasing. And I am constantly telling people that they are overpriced based on current markets. My latest Nagel went to Ireland. I am seeing an increase in international traffic wanting to purchase. Thought you that a big collectors might find that appeasing. 

Anyway I just wanted to touch base with you all and let you know that the Serigraphs, hand signed and numbered from editions of 250, prices are going up. 

Y’all have a great night!


Rob Frankel

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