Re: Bank of America Traveler's Checks Posters (1978)


One thing to remember about things that were mass produced on low quality paper - they weren't meant to be saved and usually weren't. So the number that survived in top notch condition, especially early in a career, are often worth quite a bit once a market develops. Over time, these disposables can become worth more than things produced for the collectors market simply because of rarity. The Mucha posters, or any early to mid 20th Century European advertising poster that's original now brings big dollars even though they were mass produced, because most of them were destroyed and a market has developed. I love the advertising posters E McKnight Kauffer did for various British firms like London Underground, various railways companies, and Shell Oil, but they're extremely expensive because so few survived and they weren't considered "art".  Those Victoria's Secret catalogs that flooded your mailbox for years - try looking at the prices on eBay. Even less than top notch copies from the late-1980s to mid-1990s can easily bring $20-$30 each at auction because most people did what you did - tossed them in the trash, used them for coasters, etc. Think of the thousands of dollars you threw away. Or think about the tons of "non--collectibles" that are sitting at garage sales and flea markets that have the potential to be worth something if you know what you're looking for. That Nagel sunglasses poster for $25 on eBay is going nowhere in value, but some mid-70s Nagel advertising posters at a garage sale for $5 each that no one has documented yet, that has potential.

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