Re: Found some older Gommerman Nagel art prior to the Hollywood poster


Ran into the owner of the Gommerman piece today. He said it was a private sale in the 90's and mentioned something about the previous owner saying it being from Kodak marketing prints that were not released. Does that make sense? The image is Pre-ITT and Pre-Hollywood with a 1979 Gommerman copyright.  He "thinks" its worth about $2000... I'm not buying it, but wonder if anyone is curious or wanted more info? 


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What were they asking for the Gommerman?

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Found this in my very small rural town (pop ~ 1500) browsing a local mixed business shop (spa/nails/art/framing/etc) in a poster sleeve. Looks like one of the earlier Gommerman 1979 series serigraphs before they printed the Hollywood version.

They also had a framed Mirage edition on the wall, and that's why I even looked inside. 

The person managing wasn't too familiar and said they were from a local estate and I think they were in the $500 range, but I wasn't too interested at the time. Are they worth a second look to anyone?


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