Once again, there's another Nagel serigraph up on EBay that describes itself as "double signed."

It's actually known as Galerie Michael, advertising the gallery of the same name that was quite the rage in 1980s Los Angeles.  While writing the book, I tried to interview the gallery's original owner (Michael Levine, I believe), but by that time, was told his health wouldn't permit him to contribute anything meaningful.  Still, he was a big player in Nagel art and his gallery still survives today in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive.

Getting back to the "double signed," it appears to be an SIS that was personally autographed by Patrick Nagel a year after its issue (1982) and a year prior to his death (1984).  Nagel would often autograph his pieces for fans if he attended an opening or some type of function.  However, collectors pretty much agree that a personally autographed piece actually reduces the value of a piece.

How this seller can price this at US$1999 is puzzling to me.

Rob Frankel

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