Re: Brilliant new original discovered


The piece measures about 9" x 12" and was apparently featured in the October, 1984, issue of Playboy, which was obviously published after Nagel died.  It was supposedly purchased by John Taylor of Duran Duran in some transaction back then, which is weird, because Playboy was intent on holding as much of Nagel's work as it could -- if it could -- after the Copyright Act of 1977.  This actually may explain how it fell into private hands:  If Nagel had renegotiated his deal with Playboy to retain all rights to his works after 1978, the piece might have been returned to him (or his estate by that time) after it had been published.

In any event, the piece is expected to go for US$20K+, which wouldn't surprise me.  Look for at least US$25K.

Rob Frankel

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