Heritage auction today. "Dyansen 57" and upcoming "MASK"

Monica Moynihan

Okay Nagelites, 

I have some news. I was tracking the recent auction today at Heritage since the listings appeared. I had my heart set on at least trying to get a couple of these "excellent" condition prints. I even contacted a Heritage specialist and so forth and had more contact as recent as yesterday from them by an email. I read the details very carefully and inquired about anything I could see in the photos. So detailed in fact, that I had them change the description on the upcoming "Mask" lot. They had it as 42/52 which is really 50. No big deal, it did look like a 50 but a simple check in the The Art of Patrick Nagel book may have had them question it. They state they have one to reference. 

Anyway back to today, I was excited to bid on "Dyansen 57" and it seemed so low to me in comparison to the other two at the time this early afternoon as I ran errands and so forth. I made my bid and after doing so realized they just recently changed the description! An edit states yellow marks were indeed stains on the print. You can see the EDIT. But I didn't read the description or edit as I had read the description so many times (seemed like daily) and it said "excellent". I was screaming foxing and upset that those of us that are "trackers" on lots or bid are not alerted to updates to damage as they make them? WHY? I must have called and emailed them a dozen times today to retract my bid to no avail. I HAPPILY lost by ONE bid. Lesson learned. Maybe I have to wait until the very end to bid and also make sure to read the description AGAIN just minutes before. I could not figure out how to do a retract. Funny thing is  with all my emails and calls, I then got an email right after my loss stating they got my inquiry but could see see I lost and asked if there was any other way to help me. I am gonna guess they would not have retracted my bid after if I had one. Hmm finally contacted me tonight after it was done?

Next note: This is the second time I personally have found or exchanged information about foxing during the bidding process but prior to the live bidding. The first time they never changed the description on a drawing clearly foxing even after the specialist confirmed it was stained and believed to be foxing and pulled it out while I was on the phone with her as I wanted it. USE a microscope. If you see something call them and email them on it. 

My next issue is the upcoming "Mask." Just in full disclosure, I already have this MINT print so I am not bidding and I am simply making sure as I always do you all know the truth, like the recently auctioned Gray Lady. The Heritage description says "light dust around image" LIGHT DUST. What??? Collectors, we all know that this stain line around the print has a name. Yes, it is a stain that can not simply be brushed off like "dust". It almost positively comes from previous acidic matt burn. It is an issue. Heritage at least mentions the tear correctly. So this piece has a tear in a corner and acid matt burn around the entire image. So that means the buyer can restore or come in closer with a new matt but you get close to that signature, right? Regardless, this is now at least my third description in very recent months I have had question or issue. I have again brought the matt burn to their attention, today. Not sure if they will change it or not. If any of you out there feel that I am correct about the image of "Mask,"  I highly recommend you independently email them on the lot link and let them know as well. All I can say is we do need to be extra diligent even with auction houses that have a reputable reputation. As Rob would say they are in the business of making money after all. 

And to the buyers today on "Playboy's 30th Anniversary" and Galerie Michael, Congrats! And to the buyer of "Dyansen 57", if you like me were tracking this prior to this "yellow stains" edit , I'm out there in support for you. I will probably get blocked one day like Rob from another house. LOL.  


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