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Rob is correct, good addition Rob, (someone correct me if I am wrong) there are 34 lifetime released posters. Posters typically mean they are advertising something. SO yes there is writing on them and some of those posters had different editions released. Like Sunglasses has a black Sunglasses version and a silver foil Sunglasses version.  It should be noted however that Sunglasses is a lithograph. Most images are serigraphs with few exception. 

"Nagel: The Art of Patrick Nagel" states there were 20 lifetime signed graphics (without letters). Of those 20 one is a progressive invitation style of Grumwald. They did not include the graphic known as the "N" piece which is a signed lifetime graphic but smaller in size because it was not a Mirage release I assume. But it should be noted. 

Rob is correct it can get confusing. I am going to give you an example now. 
Your photo show the Classic Visions poster release of Art Expo New York 1980. This image itself can be found as a beautiful lifetime signed poster print. But that is the later mass produced poster that is a reproduction. The one you want if you are "collecting" lifetime prints I have attached an images. This is the collectable one. Mine is mint and perfect in color. Most have faded over time but this is what you are looking for signed or not. 

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I'll pretty much echo what Monica said, with a few additions:

1.  There are some lifetime editions that do feature letters and gallery names, but the bottom line is that's not the point.  If you use that as a guide, you're going to get very confused.  

2.  Monica is absolutely correct in terms of pieces with value:  For investment and value purposes you're much better off looking for pieces (serigraphs) that were produced, numbered and signed in pencil prior to February, 1984, regardless of their content.  Many of the early serigraphs were deliberately created as "museum quality art," which is detailed the book.

As for a digital edition of The Artist Who Loved Women, that will never happen. The book is now in its second printing and available at the link below or Amazon, although Amazon will not ship foreign orders (all foreign orders get shipped from The Artist Who Loved Women 
Rob Frankel
The Artist Who Loved Women
The only biography of Patrick Nagel

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