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Monica Moynihan

None of these pieces are lifetime pieces (released during his life). They were mass produced in the thousands and easily attainable for 20-30 each framed on Craigslist, eBay, and so on. A listing price does not mean that’s the value. They have zero monetary value and are collected for just image enjoyment. If you want to begin true collecting look for lifetime pieces . You can find signed in screen (aka sis) lifetime prints in excellent condition for  200 or less if you search. There are several available now. Don’t look for posthumous prints. If you want prints that will truly go up in value then look for lifetime pieces that Nagel personally signed (usually in pencil). 

None of the Playboys (except the Playboy 30th anniversary are Hand signed by Nagel.) 

Do you need a title list ? 

310-429-2255 I have several. Happy to send Tito’s list and photos to help you see which you should look for.


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What is the difference between the prints that have a gallery name or a series name, ex. The Playboy Series, or other writing, not signatures, on them and ones that are just the image only. For example, these were recently for sale on Facebook marketplace for $150 each:


These are a couple of mine that I bought for $20 each from antique / thrift stores:


Any help on the first set of pictures would be helpful too. I am interested in them, but not $150 each interested. Especially if they aren't worth it.

As for mine, they are in archival quality frames, matting, and glass. They were bought as you see them. The woman and horse has spome moisture waves to it but it didn't matter to me.

Thanks for any input.
P.S. Mr. Frankel is your book available digitally? As an .epub maybe?

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