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Welcome to the group. The two posters you mentioned at Heritage went a bit higher than I actually expected. I was surprised to see the prices this high at that house based on recent comps on Ebay. Heritage does not necessarily provide any provenance. I think the appeal is that it is a reputable auction house. But honestly, I saw a Nagel drawing recently sell from Heritage that was mentioned to be excellent, not to be so and had stains/foxing. I even pointed it out prior to the bidding end, which they confirmed with me after bringing it out for further review and then they did not make the change in description.  I was shocked actually. So Ebay is just as safe if you buy from a excellent seller and know what to ask. So if you see something come up it is always best to reach out to the auction house and get more info and more photos and so forth if able. 

I did not bid on these pieces. Honestly, I think somewhat recently there were a couple Papillon prints that sold,  but someone wanted the AP I assume. An AP is not necessarily more valuable but some like to collect them. You can best find comps on Ebay. These are usually reflective of the truth. Pay no mind to the post humous prints and only look at solds. Another resource is for comps as some of us here try to keep sale info in there from Ebay as Ebay only allows us to go so far back now. 

There are pieces that seem more popular and therefore more desirable and harder to come by which may drive a print up, but it seems to go in waves. In my opinion any of the signed and numbered pieces typically will go from 500-1200 depending on several factors. Condition is key! Not just provenance. While provenance is great to have, I think it seems to be more important with the larger graphic AP's and that goes into another subject of potential fraud. I say potential loosely, but there have been a few pieces on the graphics come up that didn't appear to have real signatures. So back to condition:  Has the piece previously been framed? Can you see it outside of frame to view the back? Are the colors at all faded? (this is a problem with some especially yellows and pinks) Are there scuffs? The blacks are prone to show them (some prints are harder to without scuffs, foxing, rips, tears, matte burn and so on. If you can find a legitimate piece that looks perfect $1200 is in my opinion is a good price, if its an AP or #1 that may appeal to some more. (Not always). If its a state proof maybe even more. But if its a real edition piece, condition and image always trumps Provenance. 

If you find a popular piece in the 600-800 range you are getting a good deal in my opinion right now. The Paper Mill is in my opinion the best of the 3 just auctioned images that were signed for many reasons and it went for the least. It was a deal.  I actually did consider this one. I have a double signed Paper Mill, one of only 5, but not a single so I considered it. The reason that one in my opinion was a GREAT buy is that it is full image. From edge to edge (completely unlike Wasserman).  The only great way to see that print framed is to have it FLOATED, unlike some others. So the condition of the print and the corners sharp are key to that print. The image takes up the whole piece. The one that just sold appeared to be in the condition to float. 

Ok I am rambling. If you are want a beautiful Papillon AP in great condition I know of one out there for sale, contact me and I will refer you. Its not mine, but the seller is honest and knows how to pack a print. I also have some mint or near mint prints. 


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Hi Rob,

Thanks for all the info...I really appreciate it.

I was actually interested in both the Papillon and Standing Lady from today's auction but didn't really know what a "fair" price was for either of these pieces.  Also, is the simple fact that a piece is purchased from a reputable firm as Heritage Auctions considered evidence of provenance, or do they usually provide some sort of certificate of authenticity?  I would appreciate any input as I am new to Heritage Auctions and relatively new to collecting Nagel works.

From your post, it seems that $1000 is a good deal for signed Standing Lady, but $1400 is bit high for an A/P Papillon. What would be the fair market price for these two, in your opinion, if they were to become available again in the near future? 

Also, if I were interested in certain works that are not currently up for sale on the various auction sites, could I simply ask the group here on a new post if anyone were willing to sell?

Thanks Again!

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