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Monica Moynihan

As promised, I am posting some pictures of my new "Mask" piece. I purchased her about three weeks ago from a brokerage. The seller took excellent care of her.  I won't begin to talk about history in the fashion that Nagel Angel does (I will save those posts for his expertise and at our other forum), but I know this one is very hard to find. I think we don't see her come up for sale because once you see MASK in real life you can not sell it.  I presume people are just holding on. She is stunning. The impact and mere size of her face had me stunned at her unveiling which I did for the first time at the framer.  The last pic shows her scale which I was impressed with as the framer is in the photo. 

July 1980
Serigraph, six colors
40" x 29½" 
50 s/n and 10 artist's proofs
There is at least one uncut, unsigned Mask sold by the estate. 

If you have been in good fortune to get one please share pictures in this post. I would love to see how many of us Really have her. 
(Manny please post yours here again for the thread. This post should be about MASK and anything regarding it). 

Thank you,

Monica (Swimmergirl) 

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