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I will now create a Mask post for all of us who want to share Masks. The lip color of mine looks the same, Nagel did not use a bright color. Yours looks beautiful. Did you come up with your selling price for them or are you keeping them? :-) 


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Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree that some collectibles are timely and then are lost to the ages of generations who no longer share the same values. I find myself overloaded with fine crystal and silver pieces that my previous family generations valued greatly, yet my children's generation find little use for. At one time, fine cut crystal and sterling silver settings were highly regarded; now apparently, not so much. That doesn't necessarily mean it's worth less, it's just harder to find a buyer at this point.  Fashion being fickle, there's no reason to dump it.  As my grandmother used to say, "It doesn't ask for food."

However, I have always been a long-ball player and have seen/read enough to know that in most case, once there's a market, there's usually always a market, although it may vary in size over time.  Art, as you know, is very much like that. When I was younger, Norman Rockwell was considered something of a square, bourgeois illustrator.  I walked into a gallery and saw a canvas of his selling for US$20,000 or so.  That same piece sells in the very high six figures today.

Also, as a note, the paper on which collectible serigraphs were printed are very high quality.  You can bet on that, because at least the Wasserman productions were a reflection of Jeff Wasserman's steadfast commitment to ethics and quality.  As one of the last survivors of the Nagel era, Jeff remains a solid guy, true to his word and his craft.  So I have no issues with the papers -- or inks -- he used.  Somper was another story entirely.  If there were anyone who would cut corners, it would likely be him, but the only piece I own of his seems to be bearing up well.

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