moderated ISRAELi–Help!  Father of 2. Are you blood type O?



“He who saves one Jewish life, It’s as if he saved the entire world – Talmud Sahnhedrin




An Israeli Father of 2, very desperately needs a kidney!


Wife contacted me from Israel, pleading for help!


They will come to the USA if someone here will come forward to save his life!


If you are blood type O and in good health, you can save his life!




He has done SO MUCH chessed for others in Israel - hoping someone will come forward in his great time of need!



*One blood test needed to see if you are  a match.


He is registered with the same hospital in the USA where I donated a kidney 14 years ago- & doing great, Boruch Hashem!



 “One who donates their kidney will have only good things and Arichas Yomim” Harav Chaim Kanievsky 



"Just think people have no problem having only one kidney, so we have to ask, why did Hashem give us two kidneys? Perhaps it is so you would have an extra one to donate and save a life!   - Dr. Stuart Greenstein, Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Montefiore Medical Center,


I am in touch with many donors, and Boruch Hashem we are all doing great!


Please come forward to help save the life of this father of 2!  Greatest Mitzvah!  Hashem will reward you greatly too!




Chaya Lipschutz

Kidney Donor & Kidney & Liver Matchmaker

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