Re: ISO of contractor

Moshe Feigin

I've noticed that with contractors too... 

I haven't tried this yet, but i have a friend who made aliyah and works for in their marketing department.  Next time I'm looking for something, I'm probably going to try it.

The last time I had Lowe's do the installation for a small job.  Well, they're still doing it.  I ordered it in May and they still haven't completed the job.  It took them a very long time to schedule it, then they ordered the wrong part, then they had the wrong color, then the installer got sick, then they fired the subcontractor, the new subcontractor insisted on remeasuring first ... and we're still waiting for them to complete it.  I guess good economy means lots of work for contractors and customer service goes out the window.  I don't know.

Industrial dehumidifier


Looking for any info on experiences/recommendations for a industrial-grade dehumidifier for a moist basement...any feedback so appreciated!


Re: ISO of contractor

Gavriel Giloni

Styles LLC. Ask for Catherine. 


Tell them you know Gavi and Shira
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On Thu, Aug 16, 2018, 12:07 AM Debbie Rudin via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I have a bunch of things I need done in my house.  Some small.  Some a little larger.  Nothing major.  Any suggestions about who to contact?  I'm having trouble getting the contractors I've been in touch with to give me an estimate.  I think I need to go outside our community.  


ISO of contractor

Debbie Rudin

I have a bunch of things I need done in my house.  Some small.  Some a little larger.  Nothing major.  Any suggestions about who to contact?  I'm having trouble getting the contractors I've been in touch with to give me an estimate.  I think I need to go outside our community.  


Re: ISO awning installation recommendation

Jill Butler

Highly recommend BreslowAwning. 
‭(973) 992-2333‬

Jill Butler 

On Aug 15, 2018, at 2:54 PM, Alexander Vinnik <alexander.vinnik@...> wrote:

Can someone recommend awning installation service?

Curb Alert!

Melissa Listhaus

We put out 2 6ft wooden folding tables ( the heavy kind), a solid wood sewing machine table, 2 solid wood benches, and a 20 inch 3 speed window fan for a double hung window at the curb in front of 28 Dakota Street. Garbage pick up is Thursday.

Selling/lending sukkah 6x8, ISO sukkah 8x12 or larger

Alexander Vinnik

For sale 6ft by 8ft Easy-Lock Sukkah with schach, similar to $200 OBO

Can also lend it for this Sukkot for free.

Interested to buy a 8ft by 12ft or larger Sukkah. My number is 617-784-1026

Alexander Vinnik

ISO awning installation recommendation

Alexander Vinnik

Can someone recommend awning installation service?

Emuna Teleconf. Thurs. 10am (& archived): How Emuna Leverages Elul

Henry Harris <hharris@...>

WHAT: Weekly Emuna & Wellbeing Teleconference
WHEN: Every Thursday, 10-11am (and archived)
FORMAT: First 15 min. Emunah & Wellbeing / Last 45 min. open forum
COST: Free
WITH: R. Henry Harris
TOPIC THIS WEEK: How Emuna Leverages Elul

Live Call-in: Dial 605-472-5367, enter 267779#
(*6 to self-mute, *6 again to unmute)



When: Shabbos, 5-6pm, Aug. 18
Where: 17 Tennyson Place (Main/High), enter main door, walk up stairs on rt
Cost: Free
With: R. Henry Harris

Register now for the amazing Aish HaTorah Partners Conference!!

ISO ride FROM Lakewood for shabbos


Looking for a ride, (round trip would be great!) for one girl from Lakewood to passaic for shabbos.

Any leads much appreciated!

Looking for someone who enjoys graphic design


I have a basic mock up of an ad that I would like to have a graphic designer set up for me. Willing to pay, but not looking for a professional.  More graphic design opportunities for pay possible in the very near future.

Please email or text.

Sheryl Cristol
212.557.7325 cell

Trying to get a package to Camp Bais Yaakov

Lavendar Orchid

Is anyone going by any chance that can bring a package for me or have an idea as to how I can get a package to my daughter .
Appreciate any info.

Looking for a dehumidifier/large fan for basement to borrow

Lavendar Orchid

Please e-mail me if you have one that I could borrow for a few days.
Thank you so much.

Re: Patently Jewish - Israel Separate Beaches #patentlyjewish

Ruby Management

Great article.  To follow up with that I am posting a link to a shiur called Secrets of Eretz Yisrael in Halacha.   Enjoy listening   

Patently Jewish - Israel Separate Beaches #patentlyjewish Integration <PassaicJews@...>

Israel Separate Beaches

By tostien

Introduction to Israel’s Separate Beaches In the Untied States, we go to the beach before Memorial Day, after Labor Day, on a weekday morning, or a weekday evening and one can usually find a beach to themselves.  In Israel, you have some better options for any day of the year – separate beaches for men […]

Kosher Night Part 2 at the Brooklyn Cyclones on September 3 #4sale #sports #event #general


This Labor Day the Cyclones are having a fantastic deal for those who keep kosher (or like kosher hot dogs). The deal is as follows:


You get:


Kosher Hot Dog

Soft Drink

Cyclones Hat

Ability to run the bases after the game

Team Photo

My Sincerest Thanks


We get:

$17 (I think it's worth it)


To grab this amazing deal just follow the link below and enter the coupon code "KOSHERMEAL"


If you have any questions or need more info, feel free to contact Mordechai Twersky at aperson663@.... Have a great day!


Action Alert: Urge Colombia to Reverse Recognition of Palestinian State

Hugh Feibusch

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jewish Community Relations Council <Jewish_Community_Relations_Counc@...>
Date: Friday, August 10, 2018
Subject: Action Alert: Urge Colombia to Reverse Recognition of Palestinian State


Action Alert: Urge Colombia to Reverse Recognition of Palestinian State

In the days before the new Colombian President, Ivan Duque, took office, outgoing President Juan Manuel Santos officially recognized Palestine as a "free, independent and sovereign state." 

Regrettably, this decision does not contribute to a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Only through successful direct bilateral negotiations can the conflict be ended.  By recognizing an independent Palestinian state, Colombia reinforces the misguided notion that Palestinians need not negotiate with Israel, but can indirectly force concessions by internationalizing the conflict.

An encouraging statement from new Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes said "Given possible omissions that could come to light about the way in which this decision was taken by the outgoing president, the government will cautiously examine its implications and will act according to international law.”  This decision could be reversed.

Please contact the Consulate of Colombia in New York and request that Colombia reverse its decision to recognize a Palestinian state.  

Contact Information:

    Consul General of Colombia in New York
    María Isabel Nieto Jaramillo
    Email: cnuevayork@...

    Tel: 212-798-9000

We appreciate your attention to this request and urge you to make your views known to the Colombian Consulate.

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Charles S. Temel Michael S. Miller
President Executive Vice President and CEO


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T Mobile


Looking for feedback from anyone who uses TMobile. How is their cell coverage in the area? Do you get good service when traveling? Any feedback is appreciated.

Coding Instructor


Dear Community,

Ben Porat Yosef, in Paramus, NJ seeks a full-time computer science instructor for immediate hire, who will develop and teach age appropriate weekly coding classes for grades 1-5. The ideal candidate has experience in writing code and teaching elementary or middle school students. Interested parties should apply via our website at or email stacyg@....

Stacy A. Goldstein
Director of Operations


Men's Mikvah


Does anyone have a phone number to contact the person in charge of the men's mikvah? I am trying to buy a mikvah card through the email posted in the mikvah and I haven't received any answer for the past 3 weeks despite repeated emails.

Thanks in advance!