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Welcome to PVM Support!
Here we discuss how to get the maximum benefit from solar cell measurement equipment, both I-V and QE systems, made by PV Measurements, Inc (PVM).  Discussion of measurement techniques, repairs, modifications, data interpretation, and calibration are all welcome.  A PVM engineer monitors the forum and will contribute guidance, but users are encouraged to help each other out as well.  This is a replacement for the forum that used to be hosted at PVM's website. 
For issues of how to use the system or solve problems, please consult the manual that came with your system.  If the manual does not have the answer, then please post here.
Membership is limited to users of equipment sold by PV Measurements, Inc.  Apply for membership by first creating an "account" at groups.io and then applying for membership in this group using an email address that shows that you are associated with the institution that purchased the PVM equipment that you use.  Be prepared to inform the group owner of the model number of your equipment, its serial number, and the approximate purchase date.  It's okay if you are not the original purchaser.  Consider making an introductory post sharing your name, institution, what equipment you use, what kinds of solar cells you work on, and anything else that might be of interest to other users.
Please respect PVM's designs and technology by not sharing forum content with PVM's competitors.  If such sharing occurs, then this forum may be removed, which would be a loss to the community of scientists who use it.
All members must comply with the groups.io terms of service.  Among other things, this means that you must not post or share PVM equipment manuals, as they are copyrighted.
When posting a message, include a "hashtag" from the list that indicates the category of measurement you're using.  Optionally, you can also include a tag showing the model number of the product to which your question pertains.
If you're new to groups.io, explore your options in the bar to the left.  Start with the "Subscriptions" category to tell groups.io how you would like to be notified of new posts.  After making your selections, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to save them.

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