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This group is composed of members and other concerned persons of the Powell Valley Electric Cooperative, (“PVEC”).  Powell Valley Electric Cooperative maintains offices in Southwest Virginia and Eastern Tennessee. 


Members have gotten together to discuss issues and advocate for change. 


Some of the issues may include:


1.    The spraying of herbicides under the power lines in 2017, with no member permission or notification.

2.    Board members serving on the board for over 10 years. No term limits.

3.    Not allowing members to attend meetings.

4.    Failing to promote transparency, accountability or care about members concerns.

5.    Not allowing an opt out for Smart Meters or charging an outrageous fee to do so when these meters can cause cancer, catch fire, overbill and surveil members without their permission or notification of the dangers.

6.    Purchasing $42 Million in energy each year from TVA when we could be creating our own energy and jobs here locally.

7.    Failures by the cooperative to promote renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, anaerobic and any other free energy source that could be used to save members money and promote jobs locally.

8.    Failing to apply for grants that could help pay for these items.

9.    Paying CEO Randell Meyers over $230,000 per year when the majority of people are living in poverty.

10. Not locating PVEC’s main office in a central location.

11. Allegations by PVEC’s accountant Jo Ann Dillingham in her case against PVEC, Case No. 1613 filed in Claiborne County Tazewell, Tennessee Circuit Court which include “illegal activities, $40,000 in missing equipment or supplies and other financial discrepancies.  

12. Publishing a magazine that members can’t participate in, articles seem to be nothing more than fluff pieces to further an agenda.   

13. Failing to allow proxy voting.


This group is to discuss current issues, advocate for change and post updates.  Please refrain from any offensive remarks unless you are quoting someone. 


Resources offered in this group will include contact lists for PVEC, member site links, petitions, amendment postings and any other items that will benefit PVEC members.

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