Come on in and have some PSP fun!! My name is ConnieW and I would like
to welcome you to PSP Step by Step where learning PSP is fun and easy!

This is a Paint Shop Pro learning group for people who want to learn how
to use older versions of PSP for your own independent creating.
The language used in this group is English. The lessons are in English and
we communicate in English.

The lessons are written in MSWord. There is a free Word reader if you
need it or Open Office will open these files.

NOTE: These lessons were written for PSP XI and X2. But I have had
students use PSP 9 or PSP X with the PSP XI lessons and they did fine.
And PSP X2 lessons can be used to learn newer versions of PSP although
there will be some differences.

These lessons teach each menu command and tool. It starts you out from
the first time you open PSP. There are lessons for how to organize your
PSP files, a lesson on terms you use working with PSP, a lesson on setting
up Preferences and many more.

Even if you are a seasoned user of PSP you might learn a new trick
or two when taking these lessons.

There are 91 lessons in each course. You can choose to take them all
or pick the lesson topics you would like to learn more about.
You can find the lessons in the files sections after joining this group.

This is a self teaching course, but if you have questions you are welcome
to email the group with your question and I or another member will be
glad to help you.

I look forward to working with you on your journey through PSP.

Please note, this is a family friendly group.
No AC or SAC content allowed.

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