Test Running Broadway Limited Imports HO Scale E6s

Doug Kisala <dougkisala@...>

Hello lists,

I ordered two of the BLI E6s engines, one from Trainworld of NY, which arrived today.     

I purchased the unlettered version, BLI stock number 6709.  This one will probably become Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines 6028 (PRSL's last passenger steam engine). 

The model has a whistle shield, no class lights on the smokebox, and working marker lights on the pilot deck and tender.  

There's an on/off switch for the smoke under the firebox; I turned that off once I realized it was on.  

The model behaves nicely with my NCE digital command control system on address 3.  Sound is better than the Paragon 3 models, chuffs aren't as crisp as the Soundtraxx decoders.

The engine runs nicely on my test layout's 24" curves and is testing with a train consisting of a single 78 foot passenger car, eleven forty foot frieght cars, and a caboose.

Doug Kisala