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John Barth,


Reading Avenue as in Reading Railroad is the original RoW.

The straightest street (non-highway) in all of South Jersey.

Sure looks like an abandoned 'right-of-way. IT IS.

Heading east towards AC, you may come upon a 'signal tower'

base, all by itself, in the middle of nowhere.


Next time you're in the neighborhood, as you drive south on

NJ Route 50, Philadelphia Avenue, you cross the NJT AC Rail

Line...the next block is Reading Avenue. Turn right and STOP.

You should be 'on' or near abandoned  Reading track.

The RoW is mostly a dirt road at this point. Look around,

you'll find track, if it hasn't been paved-over.


Yes, I have pictures taken in the 90s.


Tom Moran 

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Subject: [members@...] question about RDG row around Egg Harbor City


I hope to be able to make a meeting sometime, but I am up here in North Jersey. I appreciate the efforts that people are putting in for the society. Earlier this week I was in Atlantic City and did some photographing at Egg Harbor City of NJT trains. I tried to find evidence of the parallel ACRR (RDG) row there but could not find anything. This would be south of the current NJT row. Would Reading Ave have been the row? Thanks for any insight and information.--John