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My recollection is that it was named “Two Mile” when the restaurant was first opened in the 1960s I believe.  Later it was upgraded and I remember going there maybe 25 years ago and on the wall was a photo of a steam locomotive laying on its side in the marsh having overturned on the loop that ran there.  It looked like a PRR E3, but incorrectly captioned as a “Reading RR” loco. Before the PRSL consolidation, the PRR ran down the spine of the Wildwood island in the center of the street most of the way with four stations and then to the loop.  The Reading had one stub end and a shelter stop at West Wildwood.


I was told the PRR and later PRSL ran “Fisherman Specials” directly from Philadelphia to that Cold Spring dockside location, with some of the trains backed down the PRR Trenton Avenue Freight Line into Lower Kensington in Philly to pick up the anglers before dawn and then race to boatyard.


I have no actual notes on this stuff, and am remembering passed on information from my early teenage some 50 years ago, so if some details are incorrect please correct the record.


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Yes, I agree.  But, that the bridge that takes the Cold Spring Channel out to the ocean. The bridge that takes Ocean Drive into Cape May City is the one that takes you back on the mainland.   Incidentally, I can't remember what they re-named the CSH area?  You know, where that big restaurant is?   Was it Two Mile Island?  I just can't recall.


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