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Yes. The bridge was there during PRSL days.It was then a flat draw bridge over Cape May Canal. Cold Spring Harbor had a passenger yard, water and basic coal facilities, and a loop through the marshes to turn the trains.  At the apex of the loop was a siding into the fishing dock. Mechanical refers were infrequently put between the locomotive and the first coach. My Dad took me on party boats a couple of times in the '40's out of that dock. So, I got to view the operation while waiting to go fishing.  They always liked taking me and my Dad out because my Dad always got sick over the side while we trolled for flounder of Cape May Point.  About ten years ago, a buddy and me walked the remains of the loop and happened to be there as a construction crew covered the remains of the old fish siding with a loading dock.  What was interesting, as we walked the old loop, we saw many insulators dumped on the roadbed.  My guess is  they were from the old Newfield Branch when they did away with the third rail. After carrying an old wooden CSH sign around for forty+ years, I gave it to a friend in Wildwood Crest. 

Harbor Branch Jct. was another interesting spur down that way.  But, that was over on the old Reading Cape May Branch just after crossing the Cape May Canal. It, as you probably know, went across the marshes ending in a few sidings were the Lobster House Restaurant is today.


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