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For the past 2 days I have been relating privately about how I wished I had thought about how to make this archives earlier. I absolutely LOVE the "I remember ___" stories, some of which have come through here. If you have not been here http://www.lanestrains.com/Howie.htm yet, please give it a visit. You will see where I failed to capture Howie's Stories, something I deeply regret because Howie was one of my friends that was bigger then life. I miss him and his stories daily.


Probably like most of you, I have not retained much of the posts in the past 2 years since we started here. They came in were read and eventually deleted. For me it was more of "how do I organize this"? My inbox was approaching 3000 emails affecting my ole puter's performance, so a few major deletes later I am better with that.  We are now in a better way to save your stories which will hopefully be compiled at some point. Saving them was the first step.


Jim Foster, Ira, and all the others here that have had first hand I saw it, I breathed it and I touched it experience, (especially in the transition era) I am asking that you check your computers to see if you still have some of your stories you have written and sent here, and send them back through members@... again. If you were better with deleting then I was I am asking that you dig deep in you memory and write them again and even write some new ones. Get them in writing NOW. They don’t have to be 100 pages each, just whatever comes to mind. If they are a collection of very short stories or thoughts, please start with a subject index.


Please don’t let me fail you as I did Howie. You deserve more then that. If we are really successful, I may forward them to the Phila Chapter of the PRR T &HS to get published in their periodical The Keystone Chronicles. Yes we ARE going to posterity here, but don’t get bogged down in that. Just write like you were writing an email to me.


Thank You,

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