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Hello all: Just a quick note that kind of goes along with the Westville
cutoff discovery. There was an industrial narrow gauge located at
Birmingham, NJ that was operated by the Permuttit Co. to haul marl soil from
a marl pit to the plant, a distance of about 2 miles. I think they used it
as an additive to water softening agents that they made. I remember as a kid
seeing the rails cross the road and the crossing signs, and some of the
trestle remains over the Rancocas Creek. The plant is still operating today,
it is called Sybron Inc., but the tracks crossing the road are gone along
with the signs. There may still be remains of the trestle though. The plant
was served by the PRR Pemberton Branch by the CB-20, sometimes using a PRSL
Baldwin, there still are the remains of the siding there. I know this is not
PRSL, but I figured it would be of interest to those of us interested in NJ
narrow gauge. John Bensch