M70ba confusion

Ed Shoben

There seems to be some confusion about the number of windows on each side of this car.  Specifically, does the "more windows" side have seven or eight windows?  The drawing of the M70ba in the 1993 Keystone shows seven.

In contrast. here is a very "official"-looking drawing that clearly shows 8 windows

However, another diagram from what appears to be the same source shows 7 windows on the "more windows: side.

I would add that the few photos I have seen of M70ba cars have show 7 windows on the "more windows"  side.  My question is: AM I correct in concluding that 7 is the correct number?

Many thanks,

Ed Shoben

Chuck Heuer

Ed, all indications would seem to indicate you are correct with 7 - further confirmation would require finding a copy of the mechanical dept. tracing which both of the class book drawings you include reference: E-447735. I note the floor plan indicates it applies to revisions B,C and D of this tracing (and a 1956 latest date) while the elevation references revs A-C (and a 1955 latest date).

I have also noticed that the very similar class book drawing reproductions for this type in Wayner's 1981 PRR Passenger and Freight Car diagrams book have an elevation version with 7 windows (but no date or tracing reference information).

Hope this helps.

Chuck Heuer