[EXT] [PRRPro] Bachman P70 upgrades

Bruce Smith


Nice work. I echo the requests for more details!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Group members, Here are some pictures of what I have been doing lately. I started to experiment on upgrading my Bachman/Spectrum P70 cars into more accurate models of the prototype. Originally, I was just going to change some into P70R models using underbody details from  PRR -Parts.com, but bought some BLI P70R’s instead( they are beautiful!). So, I decided to try and convert my old Bachmann cars into other P70 classes currently unavailable. So far I have attempted to model classes- P70D & P70H- (can’t see much outward differences), P70FR #1860-(unique car?), and P70FBR-(the most involved so far). I may also attempt to do a P70FR single vestuble car. Of course, once I am finished some company will come with these ready to run ! Charles Chandler