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I wasn’t paying attention to the “FROM” line, but this thread is off topic for the PRRPro list as we have not done the G31 as a project (yet). Please move the thread to the PRR list if there are any more comments to be made.




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The “Return to Reading” stencil on those cars means to return the car to Reading, Pennsylvania. By the ICC rules of the day, cars had to be returned to the home railroad, so a stencil stating “Return to Reading RR” is unnecessary. 


Bill Daniels

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When I had time, I spent many hours in the Reading Museum archives sorting their freight car files. I have run across foreign roads with “Return to Reading” stencils applied to them. The Reading did it’s fair share for the automobile industry. Their class XAPa for instance was originally constructed to move Willy’s Overland body parts. There was Budd, which shipped extensively, Dana in Reading itself with automobile frames. Now I don’t have anything exact on this particular gondola, but would safely bet it was in a service of this sort.

Bill Dale