PRR RPO project - BM-70x roofs (HO)

Chuck Heuer

Ralph, list,

the NKP BM-70Ka kit I'm getting started on came with a spliced clerestory roof described as made from BCW roofs (one seam, at the center). It is also supplied with BCW PRR baggage car ends and a BCW floor.

Moving slowly and carefully as this is the first brass side car kit I have tackled. Getting sides and ends to being paint ready is the first major phase. Making careful study and consideration on size and placement of all the grabs before drilling began, I have completed drilling the sides. I found NKP had provided starting points for grabs on the 2 mail doors, I will not drill (or install) these as I don't find them in photos; and grabs on these doors is not compatible with a pocket door able to retract completely out of the body opening - as frequently seen in open mail door photos. The baggage doors are center punched for grabs on one side, prototypically, but they are set as the same length as the adjacent fixed grab on the body which is at an best an uncommon length. I will use the upper marked location on these doors but make them about 25 - 30% shorter. ThenĀ  I will tackle the ends and their grabs.

Chuck Heuer

Rich C

Chuck, You sound like you have a good game plan. I got his last BM70M, which I doubt I will get to any time soon. I will follow your advice as I also have a BCW B70 with brass sides.

Rich Christie