A New X31 Resource


On June 13 some enterprising folks from the Steam Era Freight Cars List and other groups put on an event called Hindsight 20/20 using the now common Zoom platform. This virtual event was intended to stand in for Railroad Prototype Modellers meets that have been cancelled by our Covid-19 travails.

A really significant side benefit is the ability to easily post presentation materials for all to readily access. Our own Bruce Smith was one of the presenters and provided a large amount of info on the X31 classes. Thanks, Bruce!

To facilitate storing and access a new list has been established.

Bruce's presentation in downloadable pdf form can be found in the files section. Other very talented modellers/presenters have also placed their materials at that site.

It is my understanding that future virtual events like this are in the works. I like it.
Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL