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O Fenton Wells

Very nice and VERY ambitious.  

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 8:16 PM greg snook <gregsnook@...> wrote:
Good evening!

While Bruce is making progress on his H25's, my kits, purchased years ago, are in storage.  I've made progress, finishing my G22's, and H1Ba container loads.  These are fun, easy kits to build, but I still found a few tough bits to work through.  I replaced the coupler boxes with Smokey Mountain parts, though this uses a screw to hold the box on, which I like vs the glue on stock box.  It does lower the coupler, so that is something to watch vs your guage.  I cut the screw down with a dremel after marking it with a silver sharpie.  Finally, I replaced the cast on roping loops with Detail Associates parts, an easy fit.

The floor wouldn't flatten out, even with heat, so I used the wood form I built to straighted the bodies out to hold the floor flat while I glued it in.

The H1Ba's were easy, with just some straightening, and gluing the lids on the containers.  These have some fragile bits, but overall, a very fun build.  

Now I need to find the decals I purchased from Mt Vernon, prime and paint, and I'll be all set.

Happy modelling,
Greg Snook

On Fri, Mar 27, 2020, 5:50 PM Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:

You may have noticed that I have not solicited suggestions for the July 1st, 2020 PRRPro project. That is in part because I think we need to re-examine what we are doing on PRRPro. There has been a slow tapering of participation such that we are seeing very few posts about the current projects. For all of our history, we have been an "all comers" "CO-OP" and I would like to see that continue. But I also think we might need both more structure and perhaps more motivation. To that end, I'm just finishing up my X23s (to be posted separately) and so now it's time for the H25! What I plan to do is to try to make progress nearly every day, and to post that progress on a regular basis. For some, this will be too detailed, but I hope that by posting small chunks, that some members will be inspired to do the steps along with me. I do think that some of you may have some additional time on your hands just now 😉  Alas, as an "essential" employee of the University, I am still working 9-10 hour days, but I definitely need the "de-stressing" activity of building these kits right now, so let's dive in!

Last night I opened the box. And then closed it. 😁

Then I opened it again and took out the pieces. Ok, not too bad... This looks like a typical F&C one-piece hopper.  I'm actually going to do 3 of these. 

Step 1 - clean the flash off the castings.  I put on my dust mask - resin dust is bad for your lungs and nobody needs compromised lungs right now! I think that it makes sense to clean up all the parts before I get started. Particularly when there aren't many and there aren't a lot (or any?) alternate versions. I got started with the bodies. As expected, these have the normal thin skin of flash in the open areas. That comes out very quickly by scraping with a sharp blade. Don't CUT, angle the blade backward and scrape. Closer examination showed much thicker "flash" in several places, especially above the end sill area. To me, this looks like significant mold damage. It's what you get when you pull too many copies from the same rubber. It took some serious sanding with emery boards and a steel file to get it off. Be careful and check frequently for progress as the end parts are thin already. Note that there was also some flash on the wine door locks and I very careful sanded behind these, matching their angles, and then used a sharp knife to remove that flash.

One funny thing is that the bodies have a molded vertical just offset from the end centerline. I was VERY careful with these and even glued one back that I broke off. Only then did I realize that these need to come off as they are merely fill channels to make sure the parts fill correctly! 🙂

Step 2 - get out PRR Steel Open Top Hopper Cars, open to page 58, the start of the H25 chapter.

And that's how far I got. Tonight, I'm hoping to get to the tops of the bodies and the other pieces. We'll see!


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