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Looks very good. Take a bow 

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I found my old postings from when the X23 project was "current", and realized we are coming up on two years.  Yikes!

I have posted 6 new photos in the X23 folder of our Photos section.  Briefly, I built the Westerfield kit #10052, and opted for the “modernized” door tracks.  All grabs were remade w/ 0.010" wire, a mix of stainless and PB, and Mylar strips were used for RB and brake step supports.

The ladders on these cars are particularly challenging, but I opted not to mess with the cast resin ones that came with the kit.  Needing some practice with alternatives, I used Yarmouth 302 ladders on the B end, but scratched two others from 3 x 3" styrene for the A end.  I still need practice with the Yarmouths, but I think they are the way to go.

I also used Yarmouth 206 sill steps and 402 Carmer levers.  Paint was a mix of Polly Scale zinc chromate primer and oxide red, 1:1.  The Westerfield decals are fine, but I prefer my DIY set printed at home using a Ghost cartridge on Tango Papa paper.

Hi-Tech air hoses, Kadee semi-scale couplers, and modified Bowser 74325 truck frames (planks added, Kadee brake shoes) with Reboxx wheels completed the build.

Please note that Andrew Dahm tells me that my experience with arduous chiseling out of sides to get the floor at the correct height has been corrected with current production of these very fine kits.

Dave Parker
Swall Meadows, CA
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