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O Fenton Wells

Yes, nice job Bruce.  Very nice finish

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A beautiful build that is a reward for all that frustration. Congratulations,
Jim Taverna

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More F33 progress!  Actually, it's been done for a few weeks, so the progress is that I have taken photos and up loaded them <G>

I grew to hate this car... you'll see why shortly... it seemed like a​ cursed build.

Trucks - I built the F&C trucks, then broke one working on it. Then I tried every other alternative I had and none of them looked as nice as the F&C trucks, so I glued them back together and used them.  I did all this so that I could use the center screw hole to attach the trucks. After all that, the axle actually rubbed on the screw head, and so I had to use the offset screw hole after all.

Body - I decided to use the American Model Builders/LaserKit wood floor in the car (thanks to John Hitzeman for creating PRR parts!), so I drilled and cut out the cast floor. All that handling resulted in ruining at least two of the vertical side pieces on the well, which I replaced with styrene. The floor did not come out easily and left several defects in the sides and ends of the wells. The ends were patched with styrene and the sides with putty. The AMB floor has an adhesive side and this was used to add the underbody bracing from the F&C kit. I glued the bottom reinforcing pieces on the side sill with a slight overlap inside the well and used these to support the floor, which I glued to the body. I added Tichy retaining valves to the sides and then the grab irons and sill steps… those are very fragile… We definitely need brass replacements! I bent and added uncoupling levers, using a wire eye at the outboard end and drilling a small hole in the coupler box for the inboard end. I also added a precision scale brass casting for the air hose bracket.  These were drilled out to fit the HiTech air hoses.  I had already shaved and sanded the deck bumps off the deck that shouldn’t be there, so I puttied the decks and the tops of the bolsters to remove any additional issues and sanded some more. I added the brake ratchets, drilled them and added the brake wheel staffs and wheels. Lastly, after washing and grit blasting, I added the rivets that should be on the ends of the deck to hold the brake gear that is mounted underneath, using Archer decals.

Paint was my standard 1:1 mix of Polyscale special oxide red and zinc chromate, followed by Future gloss coat, and kit decals with some additional decals from the scrap box. I masked the deck when painting.

So that is where she sits right now, with the addition of tiny pieces of tape on the reweigh and repack stencils, awaiting a light weathering.  Although… I am contemplating the addition of some torched off pieces of steel on the end decks to represent old tie downs.  Oh, and this thing weighs next to nothing and there is nowhere to add weight, so she awaits a load of some sort.



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