Photos of N4 Cabin Car sought for design project #n4 #mow #worktrain #cabincar

Chuck G.

This is my last and final call for historical photos of the Pennsy's one-and-only N4 cabin car, no. 488251/492415 (revenue service/MOW) for an HO scale design project. So far I have the photos from the 12/95 RMC article plus the 2 MOW shots here on PRRPro and the very useful detail shots & specs by Smith & Frantz from 2011. Thank you, Bruce, for uploading those.

I could make great use of any other historical photos of this car, be they from the revenue service era or work train/MOW era. I'll gladly send one of these PRR Whistle Post stickers to anyone who provides a photo beyond what I've listed above.

Please feel free to direct-message me if usage rights of the photo need to be limited or governed by agreement.

Chuck G.

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