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Rod Schaffter <rschaffter@...>

Bob speaketh:

As for 4616, well... despite all better judgment and prior warning,
I got a little crazy with a chemical blackener on the valve gear and
drivers. So the former is now staring to corrode, and the latter all
have bridged gaps.

Bruce is right-Baking soda is the way to go to neutralise it. When I
use Blacken-it, after I'm satisfied with the blackening I place the
part into a cantainer of water with enough baking soda added as to leave
a small amount on the bottom. You probably can save your valve gear by
burnishing any corroded areas with a plastic wheel brush in the Dremel,
then soaking for a few minutes in baking soda solution, followed by a
distilled water rinse.

Hopefully you can scrape any bridging at the edges-this should take care
of the short if the insulating spacer is plastic. It may be more of a
challenge if the insulator is paper-we'll hope for the best. I recall
once reading somewhere on how to replace driver insulating spacers-it
might have been on the traintools Yahoo group.

When using Blacken-it, after everything is dry I also go over the wheel
treads, flanges, and any area where contact wipers touch with a plastic
wheel brush in the Dremel to remove any loose deposits.

Good Luck,
Rod Schaffter

"Science is wonderful at explaining what science is wonderful at
explaining, but beyond that it tends to look for its car keys where the
light is good."
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