Progress Photos of #'s 4616 and 4489 #'s

Bob Lyon <rbtwlyon@...>

I figured it was about time I started posting photos of my progress so far:

or perhaps is easier to remember (note the underscores sometimes hidden within that link... b_and_11).

I have actually progressed further than these photos show. The boiler detail of #4489 (Bowser) is nearly completed. Working on getting yellow-glo LED's installed on both units. Still need to mount the Cary tanks on the pilot of 4489. And I am still awaiting arrival of brake shoes. Not sure what I'm going to get, I called Bowser/Cal-Scale/Cary/English's yesterday and the fellow I spoke with there admitted he didn't know much about such things, although it looked like there were three (???) in the package he pulled off the shelf (Cal Scale #190-444), so I ordered 4 sets (at $10.50 each plus shipping). From Walthers. If I end up with extras, I'll let you all know! <bg>

#4616 is nearly ready for paint. Adding a few details here and there (starter valves, perhaps a cab deck plate), working on the decoder & sound installation (Lenz Gold-JST paired with a DSX).

More photos to follow! Cheers!

Bob Lyon
Santa Barbara, CA

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