eNews EXTRA - PRRT&HS Annual Meeting

Bruce Smith

To all PRR T&HS members.

                          Unfortunately, this is like a bad “deja-vu” experience, but (again) I have to inform all our members that the PRR T&HS Annual Meeting scheduled for May 13-15 2021 has been cancelled. This meeting in Dublin OH is re-scheduled for 2023. And the Altoona annual meeting will be moved back one year to 2024.

                       The covid vaccinations are being steadily given out, but not enough to insure the safety of our members by this May.

                       The North Central Chapter committee members are working very hard to make sure our next REAL get together in 2022 will be something to really look forward to!!

                       Currently, we are concentrating on having multiple “virtual” presentations during the year. And a “possible” weekend event as a get together in the fall. But that depends all on the state of the country by then.

                     We are also doing something we do not normally do. We are publishing THREE books this year to at least give you all something to read. The first one is already available “The Pennsylvania Railroad’s Muleshoe, Horseshoe, Altoona and Beyond”. Sales have been steady so get your copy soon! The next book (untitled yet) is the long awaited PRR Cabin car book by Bob Johnson. Look for it in the very near future. The last book is a continuation of the Conquest (former Triumph) series from the late Dave Messer, Conquest 2. That will be released later this year.

                     According to our by-laws we are required to have some form of annual meeting and we do have society business to take care of regardless. We have five board positions that need to be voted. How we are going to do this is still being planned. We will contact everyone again shortly on how we will be doing this. Our new website  PRRTHS.org, will be a help in this effort.

            For now, the best thing that we can all do is “stay safe and well”. Please follow all the rules to protect yourselves, get your vaccinations and God willing we will all be together very soon.

Steve Staffieri

President PRR T&HS

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