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Group, The next task on my M70b was to attach the eight steps to the car. Unfortunately, the plastic steps included with the kit cracked and fell apart when I looked at them. So, I decided to make replacements out of thin brass strip. I did this by constructing a jig from thick styrene strip and a scrap piece of styrene sheet. I made the first bend with needle nose pliers and used the jig to start the second bend. Then I made the second bend sharper with the pliers. The mounting feet were bent by lining the partially bent stirrup up with the instruction drawings and bending them again with the pliers. I didn’t mess any up!! 👀

I made the inner rung in a similar manner and glued them together with CA.

The next challenge I faced was mounting them because butt-ended glue-only joints never hold. I had a little bit of “meat” to work with on the car sides, so I drilled #78 holes in the sides towards the center sill. I put in a piece of 0.008” wire and bent it around the foot of the stirrup. I then applied some CA and let it dry.


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