Re: PRR Mail Car/RPO project - MBM62 baggage-RPO combine in N scale

Ralph W. Brown

Hi Rich, et al.,
Is it the BCW Kit Bit No. 27 roof that you are using, or does John have another 70” roof?
Assuming that the drawings in the Spring 1993 issue of The Keystone are all done to the same scale, the windows on the M70A appear to be about 7.7% narrower than those on the M70.  I’d be very interested to know you determine the measurements to be.
Ralph Brown
Portland, Maine
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From: Rich C via
Sent: Friday, February 12, 2021 9:43 PM
Subject: Re: [PRRPro] PRR Mail Car/RPO project - MBM62 baggage-RPO combine in N scale
Ralph and group, I plan on using 3 70' Clerestory roofs from Bethlehem. They will need to be spliced to get the 71'6" +/-, the measurement for the Pennsy 74' cars. I used the Bethlehem B70 roof to determine this.
For the M70A, I have 3 Rivarossi 72' Heavyweight RPO's. The reason for them is the windows. One side has 3+space+3 windows, while the other side has space+2+space+4 windows. The M70As were built by ACF with different sheathing than the M70 as per the Keystone article. The Rivarossi RPO has only 3 windows per side.
I plan on cutting up the 3 cars and make flat kits. I will have to rely on diagrams and other data to determine proper spacing. I am thinking of scanning the drawing in the Keystone and shrinking it to HO scale.
I was originally going to reuse the Rivarossi roofs, but no dice. They are too short and too shallow, therefore leaving a large gap between the car ends and roof, about a scale 8"!
BTW, I did not measure the windows between the 2 cars. The M70B windows appear larger, just saying. I will measure again when I return to the project.
Rich Christie

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