Re: PRR Mail Car/RPO project - MBM62 baggage-RPO combine in N scale

Rich C

Looking good Claus. I am slowly but surely proceeding on my HO M70 & M70A. As I reported I had some issues with mating roofs. I will be ordering Clerestory roofs along with vents and screens from Bethlehem Car Works. They have appeared to drop some of their detail parts. LaBelle has picked up all their metal castings.

I plan on starting with the roofs, grab irons (all of which must be bent by hand) on both cars. Going to be baby steps for awhile.

The M70A is my attempt at replicating your N scale effort following your article in TKM. I have 3 Rivarossi RPOs as the donors. I will be turning them into flat kits and mating them to the major Bethlehem components (roof, floor, etc.)

Rich Christie

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