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On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 9:37 AM Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:

A quick post on the N4. Decals are on (except for the repack stencil, to be added after weathering). Thanks to John for getting me the replacement set! Mount Vernon Shops recently converted their two cabin car sets (wood and steel) to a single, all-inclusive, set. As with the wood car set, the N4 stencil, complete with correct build date, is on this sheet, making life really good for anyone wanting to decal this unique cabin!

The first layer of weathering was done with a light overspray of FCC to fade the decals. When I was done, I felt that I was a little heavy handed, so I used a cotton swab to wipe a little of the FCC off the decals. Now for some grime on the car sides and roof and time to rust up the stove pipe a bit.

I've also ben adding weathering to the underbody. After adding HiTech air hoses, the underbody details were highlighted with Tamiya black panel line accent. When that was dry, the underbody was dusted with grimy black and brown weathering chalks (Doc O'Brien's) and then sprayed with clear flat. The edges of the steps were painted with model master steel to represent areas where the paint was rubbed off by boots. The end decks were painted with washes of several grimy colors, to represent wood exposed by wear and tear. A light acrylic grime wash was applied to the steps, and the ends of the car.

More layers of weathering to come...

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