Re: Funaro H25 builds

O Fenton Wells

Nicely done Paul

On Dec 5, 2020, at 3:50 PM, Paul Alphonse <paullalphonse@...> wrote:

With the ScaleCoat I ordered on its way, I figured I should finish the final details on these three cars and give them a good scrubbing in prep for paint.  Most of that order was dedicated to paint for brass locomotives however I want to try some new hues for FCC.  My prior attempts seem to be a bit on the red side according to color photos of this car so I included a bottle of IC Orange in that order to hopefully match that slight orangish that tends to come through.  Below are a couple shots of the cars with all the final details added.

For details I decided to try and replicate features the FC kit seemed to be missing, which included some angle iron supports for the hopper bays.  I used extra resin parts from the 8 or so FC GLca kits I have laying around which aren't necessary to finish them.  Additionally, from what I gather in John T's book H25a's which retained their vertical brake wheel when converted to AB brakes had an extra stanchion which was not mentioned in the kit's instructions.  This sat essentially right behind the shaft of the wheel and provided a support and pivot bracket to the AB master brake lever.  I suspect this is there as well for cars with an AJAX housing but there weren't a decent photos of such.  I modeled all three cars with a vertical brake wheel as well as the chains which link it to the brake rigging under the car body and used stock styrene u-channel with the ends flattened out to simulate this with the bracket provided by the kit attached to replicate that bracket.  Some simple bent brass wire simulates what I believe are levers for a brake cutout valve on either side of the car just forward of the air air reservoir.   Yarmouth cut levers and stirrups replaced the kit's provided resin details while I also decided to try some Calscale brake wheels as I honesty just didn't feel like cleaning up the resin ones.  Airhoses are simply Kadee with one of the provided optional brackets used as the actual mount.  My pilot car had rib-backed wheels from Kadee replacing Bowser's wheelset however the Bowser wheels, while a little wonky looking to me, are far heavier and add a nice bulk to an empty car despite lead in the slopesheets and behind the bolster plates.  A solid .060" of shims were needed to bring the carbodies up to the right coupler height.  But with that said all three track nicely and in a single block of three are WAY TO BIG for my tiny switching layout.


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