Re: [PRR] BM70- RPOs

Andy Cich

The January 1978 Model Railroader has Harold Geissel drawings of an M70. The M70b’s were rebuilt M70’s, but I do not know if the underframe components were rearranged when rebuilt. Nor do I know how accurate MR drawings were in the 70’s.


The M70b has an 8 window side and a 10 window side. The MR drawing shows the brake cylinder even with the batten strip between the panel with the 9th and 10th window and a blank panel. The MR drawing shows the brake cylinder on the 10 window side and the three air tanks on the 8 window side.


I followed the link to the photo on the Canada Southern site. I think I see the brake cylinder in the location I described above.


Andy Cich


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