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Thanks, Bill! Do you have pics of your cars? I’d love to see them. Did you do a full brake system on them? I’m adding the brake details slowly as I can identify them. 

The battery box position is easy, and I’m sure the brake cylinder would’ve been located somewhere in the middle of the car. The reservoirs, universal valve and generator are a little tougher to locate. 

I think this picture shows the generator. 

Does anyone know if they were belt driven or steam driven? I’m assuming they would have had electrical conduit running from the generator to the battery box. 

Here are pics of my progress. 

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Hi guys
Microscale makes  a silver window glazing set.  They won't fit the RPO windows, but you can cut them down to size.  I've also done a few cars with a small brush, but you need a REALLY steady hand to do this.  Misapplied silver glazing is easily washed away.  Not so paint.   Fairly certain that I cut away most of the Rivarossi glass from the roof/glass part and replaced that with something thinner and more transparent.

My RPO fleet is: a WKW BM70M and a BM70N from WKW, with very few modifications.  I have also built an M70b and a BM70K from Bethlehem Car Works, both with a few mods and additions.  I have also done up a Rivarossi BM70nb and the Robert Hannegan.  Hannegan was by far the worst... cutting the two extra windows was a real chore, and the work here is not perfect.  Both these Rivarossi cars required the addition of grab irons... pretty many if I remember correctly.  You also have to change out the doors and trucks, as the Hannegan had portholes and six wheel trucks.  WKW makes a set of RPO six wheel trucks, but the molded on steps do not line up properly, so you have to add a single step to the car at each door over the trucks, and then you have to affix that step/rung to the trucks after removing the original step/rung.  It was a lot of work.  I don't know if I would do it again.  Well, OK... maybe.  In the Blardone article there is a pix of the Hannegan that clearly shows a stripe!  I didn't model that as I don't think it lasted very long, but I can always add it.

Blardone's article in the Keystone is required reading for anyone modeling the RPOs.  One of the best written articles I have read on anything, and it has a list of the disposition of every RPO car that the PRR had. The info in this article is not readily available elsewhere.

The BCW BM70k is, IMO, well worth modeling if you can find the kit.  It only had a 30' RPO section.  I believe that I got a clerestory roof from John Greene for this kit, which does provide a highly visible variation.

Bill Millham

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Dave, list,

Back in the 90s (before I got really farsighted), I used a small brush (00 or something similar) and Tamiya's aluminum acrylic paint.  

The Rivarossi carbody has fairly prominent outlines around the windows that make it somewhat easier to brush paint details.

Doug Kisala

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Nice looking car, Doug! How did you do the aluminum frames around the windows?
Dave Wilson

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Dave, list,

In the November 1995 Railroad Model Craftsman Bob Kessler wrote about kitbashing a BM70nb from a Rivarossi "1930s" RPO and (available at the time) an Eastern Car Works arched roof.  Bethlehem Car Works #40 PRR arch roof should work and it is currently available.  

The Keystone issue with the giant RPO article was the first issue I received when I joined the Society.  When Bob's article came out just a couple of years later, I kitbashed survivor 6509 using his article as a guide.  Thanks very much to Chuck Blardone and Bob Kessler for the inspiration.  

Doug Kisala 

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I haven’t seen any modeling articles on Pennsy RPOs. Is there anything out there? It seems like a ripe research subject. I need to do some reading.....
Dave Wilson


<BM70nb 6509.jpg>

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