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Really coming together nicely

On Wed, Nov 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:

Some more N4 Progress! It’s looking like a cabin car!

Roof - I added pieces of styrene 0.030" square strip, 0.27" long, evenly spaced, to the roof as new roofwalk supports. A light sanding on the top leveled these. I also drilled the holes in the end of the roof and cupola and added the grab irons. The grey primer makes it a lot easier to see the places to drill than looking at white resin! The 18" straight grab irons that came with the kit had weird crimps in them so I threw them away and used Tichy. When adding the cupola grab irons, I cut the legs pretty short so that they woiuld not be visible below the roof. Finally, I cleaned and glued on the shades on the sides of the cupola.

Sides - I drilled the holes for the grab irons and cupola braces. I had to locate a new hole for the bottom end of the curved grab iron. That was about 10 boards from the end of the car. I used Tichy curved grab irons. I fashioned the middle support with 0.012" wire bent at a 45 degree angle and then trimmed nearly flush with the grab iron. After taking the attached photos, I realized that I needed to add rivets to the bottom end of the grab irons. I'll do that with an Archer rivet after grit blasting.

Ends - I cleaned the flash off the ends and dusted them with some weathering chalk to better show the drill points. I drilled for the end grab irons, and drilled a hole directly below the retainer valve. The "L" shaped grab irons were bent from 0.012" brass wire and the corner supports were made the same way as those on the curved grab irons. I bent a piece of 0.010" brass wire for the line to the retainer. It needs a slight bend to get around the grab iron. 

Assembly!  This was actually pretty straight forward. Before assembling the pieces, I cut all of the ends off of the grab irons on the back side and then filed everything flat and smooth. I used Coffman Engineering Right Clamps to glue an end to each side, and then to make the "box". Make sure that the ends of the sides fit into the cutout on the ends and that the sides and the bottom extensions of the ends are flush on the inside so that the floor can fit in. I test fit the floor at this point... but no glue!  My floor will be removable, at least for now, to allow me to glaze the windows after painting. When the box was done, I centered it on the roof. I had to so some trimming of grooves in the roof to make it fit, but not much. I then glued the roof to the body, trying to keep everything reasonably square. 

Once everything was assembled, I added the cupola braces with 0.012" brass wire. In looking through my 2 kits, there was no smoke jack, so I fabricated a base and stove pipe from styrene and brass wire (0.14" and 0.063" respectively) and then fashioned the cover from some pie-plate aluminum. 

The body is ready for grit blasting and the paint shop! (but that will wait until the underbody is done)

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