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Hi Chuck

Looks like I will be able to help with your ice chests.  I bought several of PRR parts'  P70 improvement kits in HO, but then as my knowledge grew, I realized that only a couple would be needed out on the mainline.  I have seen these chests with only two or three actual doors/bunkers, and I think I've also seen a single, but I can't remember where.  ANyhow contact me off-forum at diesell48@....  If I was going to fabricate those loop/latches I would probably use metal eyebolts and smash the ring end flat, if that's possible.  If not...well they are small.  And cheap.

Bill Millham 

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Hi Bill,

The problem with the BCW steps is they are not available anymore and no longer shown on BCW’s web site. I think they, along with numerous of their other brass detail items were made In support of their now disco’d brass head end car kits and like the kits “only available while supply lasts”. For many of the kits and parts that supply is long gone.

I did consider the steps clearance when relocating that truck, I “think” I have enough room but until I have actual parts it’s still a bit of a question mark.

On the doors, since I target early ‘50s in my modeling I’m fine with the model’s existing doors except for the solid end door at the coach end. I have removed this so the vestibule is open on the end, I will add a gate (Cal-Scale). I need a 2 panel door with a window in the upper panel for the passage door between the vestibule and the passenger compartment, but that I think I have something for that. I will also need to add the bulkhead wall between the compartments, this seems to have had a solid slab door as did the exterior door on that end. (Lots of photos on this at Hagley for both PB70 and P70 (for the coach end) - I’m sticking with the references for either as-built or those only showing limited renovation/modernization as this is only an ice-air car, not a fully modernized one.

Btw, my reference photo for modeling this specific car is in Pennsy Power 3, page 377. 


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