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Chuck you were smart to confirm those clearances.  Adding those bagg end steps will probably complicate matters as far as the truck "swing" goes... usually it's the stirrups under the bagg doors that are problematic.  I can't say with this specific car but those 3 axle trucks take up much more swing space than the two axle trucks, and I do recall having to move or fudge stuff to get ample truck swing.  You can attach the steps directly to the trucks, but that looks like hell when the car is on a curve...looks like a wing sticking out. one idea I have heard but not tried is to attach rubber strips to the back of the steps so that the truck swing will force the step out and slightly up.  I didn't do this because I don't think it would look much better on curves and I think the rubber would likely rot away.  This is one of my "I can't solve that" dilemmas.  Not a problem on a display model, but, IMO you have nothing if it won't run.

For the cost of the steps I would probably just buy them both and go with what looks right, metrics be damned.  Those wood doors with the slot windows aren't expensive either.

Let me go through my stuff (Way too much stuff!) and see what I got.  No promises, as I do wanna do one more P70R as well as air condition a diner and a combine.  I will let ya know.  Price will be what I paid for the stuff.

Not sure exactly when you model or what specific part of the railroad you model.

Bill Millham

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Thanks for the kind works guys!

Bill, do let me know if I hit the lottery in your parts stash, that would be awesome! I moved the baggage end truck forward about 2 scale feet, I actually settled on the location more on the visual balance of that end, trying to best capture the entirety of the look while minimizing the impact of the model's extra length. Of course I did confirm that my desired location was going to provide adequate clearances for operation.

Regarding the BCW steps, I have seen references to both Kitbits #86 and #87 as 2 step baggage car stirrups, does anyone know the difference and which one is actually correct here?

Chuck Heuer

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