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Chuck Heuer

The underside of my Bachmann PB70R is done (almost). I may eventually try to fabricate something for icebox latches if I don't turn up some of the etched ones and I will probably add some narrow extensions of the center sill back in under the inside ends of the trucks next time I have them off at such thickness that is not the limiting factor on truck rotation. Steam, air and signal lines will also be left until the end. With long shank fixed mount couplers it passed road testing on my +/- 26" tightest radius section and #5 yard switches. Next I have work to do on the body, both interior and exterior (I am not messing with the factory exterior paint however). In the side view here it is coupled to a Walthers BM70n (13'-6" roof) for comparison.

Chuck Heuer

Jun 23   

Hi PRRPro list,

I am working on an HO PB70R, my first project qualified for this list. As a relative newcomer I expect to be forever in "catchup mode"! This project is an improved rendering of a recent production Bachmann combine as a post war (early 1950s) car with ice air.
I have a plan and have acquired almost all the parts needed, with lots of guidance found in the archives of this list among other sources - thanks to all who have been here before and shared! There are, however, a couple of things I am hoping I might be able to get some help on here:
First, I need at least 12 of the etched brass latches for the ice bunkers which prr-parts did back when. I was able to get all his resin parts but he outsourced the etching of the latches and has not had more produced for lack of demand to justify the upfront outlay. So I would be happy to acquire any unused and unneeded remainders in your parts collection for a reasonable price+postage. Reply off list if you can assist, thanks!
I have also not been able to locate suitable 2 step stirrups for the baggage end of the car. Suggestions on this welcome. I'm also looking for suggestions on a reasonably correct, narrow 4 panel door for both the baggage end and the entry to the passenger compartment at both ends.
Attached is a picture of underbody work in progress, including modified Walthers trucks and relocated body bolsters. The baggage end truck is moved a scale 2 ft toward the car end to better capture the look, in lieu of being able to actually cut the car length down by 2 1/2 scale feet. Changing the trucks is also allowing me to lower the body to achieve the correct scale height of the car.
Chuck Heuer

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