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O Fenton Wells

Well done Bruce

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Very nice Bruce, keep the photos of your progress coming please.

Erich Brock, Santa Fe, NM

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More work on the "rust bucket" H25!  She now has a number, 171650.  I took the decals and lightly sanded the road name and PRR herald with 320 grit sandpaper. To keep the decals from falling apart, I then covered them with Micro Scale's liquid decal film.

I decalled as usual, and then, in area where the decals were a bit too white, I wet sanded them a bit more with 320 grit. Following that, I washed the car and gave it a coat of Model Master flat.

My goal is to have the number and data look like they were recently repainted right over the rust, while the rest is just heavily weathered.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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