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O Fenton Wells

Looks great Bruce. Good finish

On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 6:10 PM Bruce Smith <smithbf@...> wrote:

I've made more paint shop progress on the H25s.

The two that got FCC, are now decaled, including a few chalk marks. I've attached a photo from my cell phone showing my dealing setup. Both were given a good coat of Future for a gloss coat. I use distilled water to soak the decals. I place them on the model in a small pool of  MicroSet (bleu) and then wick off the extra with a paper towel. Then they get an application of MecroSol (red), or if they aren't settling down, some Solvaset. Once they are well settled (2-3 application of MicrosSol or Salvaset, no bubbles, no "silvering") I coated them with Model Master flat. The cars are now ready for weathering. 169894 has a reweigh of 5-44 which will also represent it's repaint date, so it will get very little weathering for my 6-44 date. 170697 will represent a much more weathered car, with a reweigh of 4-43, but a 5+ year old paint job.

BTW, if you're wondering how I selected numbers, there were two major series of H25s. The 1698635-172921 series had 3,200 cars and the 729801-730894 had a little over 1,000 cars. So, if I need 4 H25s in my fleet, it makes sense to have 3 from the 1st series and 1 from the latter series (note that there are several other smaller series), and since my kitbash H25 from the H21 project is in the second series, all three of these cars should be from the 1st series. So, car number 3 will be 171xxx or 172xxx. It will have a current reweigh, but will represent 10+ year old paint, and a serious case of paint failure. 

This 3rd car has gone through several steps now. These are:
1) An overall coat of Vallejo Air RLM61 Dunkelbraun aka Dark Brown (71.042) - refer back to pictures from my last post, or see the interior of the above 2 cars. 
2) Sponge painted (tear a sponge, use it to dab on paint) Vallejo Air  70.605 German red brown - this represents red lead primer
3) Sponge painted Vallejo Air 71.080, rust
4) Sponge painted Vallejo Air 71.129, Light rust
5) Sponge painted Vallejo Air 71.130, Orange rust

Note, all of these paints, along with clear coat and chipping fluid come from the Vallejo 71.186 Rust and Chipping Effects kit. The combination of multiple colors, dabbed on, creates a very textured look. 

In the next installment, it's time for the FCC and chipping. I'm planning on using both chipping fluid and salt, on different panels. We'll see what happens! First, time to let it dry, clear coat and then I'll move on.

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